Your winter garden


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Attention, livraison NON garantie pour Noël

Your winter garden:

My Lovely Thing draws this small moment of life in your image.
Make up(Compose) your family by completing the form which will be sent to you having placed your order.

This form will allow you to detail(retail) (hair, colors, ages, distinguishing features) all the members of your family, parents(relatives), children, animals if there is, your color atmosphere so that this customization(personalization) is the closest to you, to your family! 

Once this completed form, the customization(personalization) can begin by taking into account at the most your description.

And in one deadlines(extensions) maximum of three week, you will receive in your box in letters an attractive package with your moment.

The poster is for the size(format) 21x29,7 cm printed on a paper liqueur brandy quality art.

60,00 EUR tax incl.